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ActiveTrail, the latest word in email marketing, is helping business and organizations around the world by making today’s standard form of communications, email of course, into an effective and possibly the most potent marketing tool in their arsenals. A versatile email campaign editor, dozens of exquisitely designed templates, inherent mobile responsiveness, an intuitive landing page builder, pre-programmed text messaging, in-depth reports and statistics. These are but a few of the value-creating features available on the ActiveTrail platform that can turn mundane email campaigns that people tend to ignore, into eye catching, attention grabbing marketing instruments.

ActiveTrail has recently leapt and bounded forward with the release of new modules such as Visual Automations, a system that helps make email campaigns smarter, sharper, better at converting customers, more profitable and altogether more automated, with less effort and expense. With Visual Automations, users are given endless options to guide leads and customers through customized marketing funnels, such as sending different emails depending on where an individual is in the sales cycle. Another new and powerful feature is Predictive Delivery, which leverages ActiveTrail’s Big Data analytics to discern times when people are most likely to open and act on email campaigns.