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Complying with the SCORM and AICC standards, Créa Learning is an author tool that enables you to create quickly and easily your online training courses.

The pluses of Créa Learning:
- A full web tool accessible from all workstations.
- Intuitive interface.
- Reusable grain concept.
- Diversity of the proposed activities.
- Multi-media integration (videos, flash, sounds, images).
- Integration of your existing resources (Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint).
- Pedagogical resources library.
- Creation of formative and summative evaluations.
- Large variety of question types (multiple choice questions, single choice question, true or false question, text matching, open question, …).
- Feedback customization.
- Preview mode.
- Export for an interoperability with all the LMS platforms
- Web technology: your resources can be read by all Web browsers.
- Multilanguage interface.
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